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Hamilton Heights

The Healthiest Dinner In Hamilton Heights Is Run By A Nutritionist-Turn-Restauranteur

  • Coffee
  • Food

This is “comfort food for every body”—and the kind of comfort food that won’t leave you feeling like you’re falling into a coma straight after. Lyn-Genet Recitas (the owner) is a nutritionist and author of healthy eating books like "The Metabolism Plan". The menu offers something for almost everyone from omnivores to vegans, as well as those who fall somewhere in between. Dishes include vegan fries with dipping sauce, lentil pate with truffle oil, Vietnamese chicken, or huevos rancheros. In terms of booze—they have wine and cocktails. The space is cute and cozy, with exposed brick and open window seating—perfect for people watching.

The definition of hipster is this specialty coffee shop called The Monkey Cup. And we mean that with love. There are leafy greens covering the ceiling, wooden beam walls, and cute baristas at the counter alongside a variety of coffee equipment that looks like it has a more serious job than churning out a cup of joe. There are a few little seats and tables, plus a really good selection of fresh pastries and treats to indulge in with your latte. The cafe is monkey themed (are you really surprised?) and you best believe this extends to your latte art.

Lyn-Genet’s Kitchen

3473 Broadway, Manhattan

The Monkey Cup

557 W 140th Street, #3C, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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