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East Village

Care For A Lung Slice? Be Daring At This Awesome NYC Dry Pot Spot

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Málà Project in the East Village is not your traditional Chinese dive—not only in terms of the gorgeous bohemian-urban layout, but in the expertly crafted dry pot options and dim sum. Embrace your inner Anthony Bourdain over seemingly-intimidating options like cow intestine, lung slices, and pig ear in chili oil paired with amazing spices. It's all freaking good. Swear.

After dinner, check out a movie at the historic Village East Cinema. One of the last remaining Yiddish theaters in the city, this theater heavily leans on independent features but doesn’t turn away the more mainstream fare. Whether you’re looking to support some lesser-known filmmakers or you just want to check out some high-octane popcorn fun, you’re in the right place.

Málà Project

122 First Avenue, Manhattan

Village East Cinema

181-189 2nd Avenue, Manhattan 

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Like what you see?

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