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East Village

Try 'Unicorn Poop' Stuffed Ice Cream And Thank Us Later

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Pay a visit to Mama Fina’s for Filipino food at its finest. With a diverse menu rich in flavor, there truly is something for everyone. We love getting the chicken sisig with a side of java rice. Or if you’re really in the mood to chow down, try the Boodle flight. At $45 a person, you can try a solid mix of all the classics.

And when you undoubtedly start craving something sweet, we’ve got the perfect place for you. Stuffed Ice Cream Really, do we need to say more? They’re famous for their donut ice cream sandwiches with wild flavors like Unicorn Poop. We know, we know. Sounds gross. But it’s white chocolate lavender and Thai tea with fruity pebbles and condensed milk. So really, you’ll get over it. And if you tend to lean a little more classic, try the Mint Monster. You’ll thank us later.

Mama Fina's

167 Avenue A, Manhattan

Stuffed Ice Cream

139 1st Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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