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Long Island City

Old World Italian Meets Classic Black & White Films At A Bar In Long Island City

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Want to eat a perfect Neapolitan pizza without the carbon footprint? Manducatis Rustica, situated in Long Island City, serves up authentic, house-made Italian fare and uses the Izzo, the world’s first open-mouth electric pizza oven to cook its pies. If you’d rather simple pasta, choose from one of their handmade pastas and select from sauces including puttanesca and bolognese. Specials like veal and lamp chops, chicken parmigiana, and gamberi e aragosta (shrimp and lobster tail over fettucini) round out the menu. For dessert, indulge in the house-made gelato and feel like you’re roaming the streets of Italy. Whatever you choose, you’ll never feel more at home among rustic décor that includes woven green seatbacks, brick, and black and white portraits.

Do you sometimes find it impossible to make it in time for happy hour? At Gantry Bar, you have a lot of time to make it happen; happy hour is Monday through Friday, 11am to 7pm. If that wasn’t enticing enough, Gantry Bar boasts an inventive cocktail menu that combines pungent flavors like cucumber, basil, and elderflower (Gantry Gin & Sin) or Jameson and ginger beer (Irish Mule). For beer lovers, Gantry Bar has a rotating craft beer selection. The vibe is casual and the style is vintage, brought home by a nightly projector screen showing of black and white movies.

Manducatis Rustica

46-33 Vernon Boulevard, Queens

Gantry Bar

47-02 Vernon Boulevard, Queens

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Like what you see?

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