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Good Old Fashioned Diner Bites And Comedy in Greenpoint

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Select from an array of good old-fashioned diner-style dishes and casual bites at Manhattan Three Decker, a favorite of Greenpoint locals. With sandwiches named after your favorite sports teams (The Giants sandwich has roast beef with mozzarella while The Jets is pastrami with Swiss), you can also choose from steaks, roasts, burgers, Mediterranean dishes, and much more—there’s something for everyone at this no-frills joint.

When you’re both feeling warm and full, head on over to Baby Grand and let New York’s best comedians charm, tease, and rattle the laughs out of you at weekly comedy show Grandbaby. Huddle up in the chic, cute space to catch all the city jokes you need to get you through the next stressful week of NYC life, and if you’re feeling a little loose, make use of their famed karaoke stage when the night is done—it’s one of New York’s most hype, and all that comedy is sure to stroke your fun side for some courage.

Manhattan Three Decker

695 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 


Baby Grand, 55 McGuinness Boulevard South, Brooklyn

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