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Experience Traditional Georgian Home-Cooking, Then Grab Boozy Shakes At This 90s Diner

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Few people will be able to identify Georgia—the country—on a map. It sits sandwiched between Russia and Turkey at the intersection of Europe and Asia, sharing tremendous mountains and dry wine-growing valleys. In Rego Park, there is Marani, an homage to kosher Georgian culinary tradition and to the diverse climates which characterize its lands. Try the ajapsandali—slow-cooked eggplant with peppers, tomatoes, and herbs—or bean pie. Every dish is flavorful and contains authentic herbs and spices native to Georgia. True to its name, (in Georgian, “Marani” means wine cellar), there is a great wine selection to choose from here, as well.

Afterward, experience a more traditionally American pastime—the diner. Dinerbar makes itself known from afar with its neon signage that feels reminiscent of what we once imagined the future would look like. For the most authentic diner experience, pull up to the bar and be transported to your favorite 90s television hangout (Peach Pit and Max fans will be pleased)—but add booze. Among a strong selection of homemade comfort food, there is an endless list of fun boozy drinks like spiked shakes and floats. They also have less intensely indulgent drinks, like the rose strawberry sangria. They even have a healthy libations section on the menu, so you can have your cucumber and vodka too.


97-26 63rd Road, Queens


97-45 Queens Boulevard, Queens

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