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Greenwich Village

Do Coffee By A Fireplace, Then Portuguese Food Behind A Hidden Door

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This hidden cafe is exactly where you want to head on a chill afternoon for a quiet, calm round of coffee. Located in the lobby of a slightly eccentric hotel, the Marlton Espresso Bar is sophisticated and serious about its espresso. Spread with intricate rugs, leather chairs, and an elegant fireplace, it’s a welcome respite from the world outside, and a lovely little nook to share afternoon drinks with your love. As soon as you enter this hidden gem, you’ll just want to curl up by the fire and sip on the good stuff.

This next place serves up creative French food you can only discover through a secret door behind a painting—a fun fact that should already have you on the edge of your seat about what’s going on at Frevo. Portuguese for fervor, this intimate, 24-seat eatery does everything with supreme attention to detail and a passion for impressing its guests. Enter, take two of those coveted seats and prepare to be swept away by an eclectic five-course tasting menu that you’ll watch the chefs create. Although it’s the kind that changes daily, you can expect the likes of lump crab (broccoli, curry) and Long Island duck (artichoke, cumin) to tempt your palate. Plus, don’t forget to check out the gallery up front—it’s only five paintings, but they’ll certainly hold your attention.

Marlton Espresso Bar

5 W 8th Street, Manhattan


48 W 8th Street, Manhattan

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