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An Evening For The Bold With Fiery Food From Masti And Chill Drinks At Pokito

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This evening is not for the faint of heart as two worlds of flavor collide. First up with a pallet tingling cuisine at Masti, one of Williamsburg's premier Indian dinning spots. So you're the adventurous types, well then don't hesitate and jump right into Masti's famous British Curry Club. Vindaloo, Phall, and Madras all await with the spiciest of ingredients. Choose from chicken, goat, lamb, shrimp, or veggie. Don't forget your delicious naan and samosas. Husband and wife foodies own this spot so you know everything will be tops.

Now that you're thoroughly a blaze let's take it down a few notches with a stroll to Pokito for a classic margarita. But if you haven't given your insides enough punishment there is a whole host of zesty drinks available. They are known for the Rick Ross, it's made with Thai chili infused tequila. We are sweating just thinking about it. And it's one of their happy hour selections if you're looking to save a few bucks too, even on Sundays.


184 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn


155 S 4th St, Brooklyn

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