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If You’re a Bookworm With a Deep Appreciation for a Good Scotch, You Need to Drink in This “Library”

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Greek steakhouse Merakia is a carnivore’s dream. The dimly-lit open space with industrial vibes slightly resembles that of an expansive cave—but a cave that’s warm, romantic, and serves extravagant cocktails topped with delights like dehydrated strawberries. The menu boats a range of spit-roasted and grilled meat dishes, each designed to complement the restaurant’s historic narrative (make sure to ask for a history lesson).

Continue your scholarly venture at The Library of Distilled Spirits. At this library, however, Hemingway and Dickens have been replaced by aged bourbons and an extensive selection of whisky, rye, and scotch. You might be intimidated by the endless rows of liquor bottles packed into the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, but trust, the staff encourages questions and curiosity. You’ll be sure to end the night with a solid buzz and a higher IQ.


5 W 21st Street, Manhattan

Library of Distilled Spirits

80 E 13th St, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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