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Neapolitan Slices Meet Inventive Cocktails On This Night Out In Williamsburg

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Nothing hits the spot quite like a fluffy Neapolitan pizza, and brand new joint MidiCi realllly gets it right. Modern, spacious and bright, it’s a pizzeria that strives to be upbeat and quick—and we dig that. Go for the classics, like Double Pepperoni and Margherita, or go crazy with their best seller, The Devil.

Cool cocktails and a casual ambiance await you at The Exley. With drinkable creations that’ll blow your mind, this bar still manages to keep price points fair. With concoctions like The Eastern Rodeo and Inclement Weather, this awesome spot is sure to kick pizza date night up a nice, boozy notch.


174 North 4th Street, Brooklyn

The Exley

1 Jackson Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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