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Find The Club With The Giant Mural Of People Staring Up At The Sky In Williamsburg

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  • Music

Misi is a modern Italian eatery that specializes in all things pasta. Seriously, whether you want something like spaghetti with fennel pesto, bigoli with pork sugo and nutmeg, or chickpea pappardelle, chef Missy Robbins will do your palate proud. With a glassed-in pasta room where you can watch the homemade goods go from dough to whoa, you’ll no doubt appreciate the overall modern aesthetic, its mostly white-and-black patterns, and the indoor trees offering a subtly organic touch. Plus, you know it's good because the people behind this place also run Lilia.

Next, head to TBA Brooklyn for some live music. With glowing black and blue walls (literally) highlighting unique shapes and scribbles, this former garage isn’t your average late night club. With a leftover industrial feel, relaxed vibes, and an intimately sized space, TBA Brooklyn attracts equally chill/avant musicians, locally or otherwise. It also doesn’t hurt that they make some mean craft drinks, like the gin and cucumber-based T-Rex and the lemony bourbon and Redbull-based Subvert. If you get lost, look for the building with a giant mural coated in a bunch of people staring up at the sky.


329 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

TBA Brooklyn

395 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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