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This Waterfront Park Was Built on the Bones of an Old Sugar Refinery

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First, bring out your Brazilian side at Miss Favela. This space (though it’s more of a sensory experience than a traditional restaurant) is a visual pick-me-up that just screams positivity with its vibrant, lemon-lime palette and multicolored splashes. With a homespun Rio de Janeiro-inspired ambiance and menu, culture is the focal point at Miss Favela—from its live Brazilian music to its bold, exotic food. Be sure to try the Pastel De Carne—thin fried dough stuffed with ground spicy beef. Oh, and their pitcher of caipirinha is worth every penny.

After dinner, let your senses mellow out at Domino Park. Built on the bones of an old sugar refinery, this waterfront park is everything. Whether you want to just stroll along the elevated industrial-style walkway with views of Manhattan and the East River, cool off on the fog bridge (which lights up at night and offers an insanely breathtaking view of their giant Syrup Tanks), or play some bocce, there’s plenty here to keep you two occupied.

Miss Favela

57 S 5th Street, Brooklyn

Domino Park

300 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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