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Upper East Side

This Bar In NYC Has A Secret Password

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Originally starting out as a fast-casual dining experience, Mission Ceviche Restaurant & Bar also has a full service restaurant in the Upper East Side. To pay homage to a Peruvian tradition, Chef Jose Luis Chavez opened this restaurant with one intention: for guests to share food & drinks while making memories together. Anything with Tiger's Milk is a must!

Tucked away behind a storefront of an ice cream shop is a hidden bar called UES. You’ll have to put in a little work to find it though. Walk up to the counter and tell the employee “I’d like to see the storage room, please.” As long as you’re over 21, the employee will guide you to a door covered in cartons of ice cream. Once opened, you’ll enter a ~secret bar~ that is truly one of the best in the area. Yes please.

Mission Ceviche

1400 2nd Avenue, Manhattan


1707 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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