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Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

This Japanese-Caribbean Ramen Spot In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Is Everything

  • Food

The team behind the popular Glady's has opened a Japanese-Caribbean ramen joint (yes, that’s a thing now) in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood. Those familiar with the cluttered original Glady’s might be happy to see the renovation result - a clean, minimal, modern but still inviting bright space. There are 5 different ramens on the menu, each with their own “Mo’s” spin: a classic chicken broth laced with black garlic to a brothless Spicy Chili with soy dashi, charred cabbage, pickles, almonds, and an egg yolk. All of the ingredients are made from scratch, making this some of the best ramen going around, and some that we can't wait to slurp up all summer long.

Hopefully you planned ahead, and saved some room for a sweet treat post ramen, because you couldn’t come out to PLG and not visit Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse. Made famous for their signature, gooey, sweet, sticky Cinnamon Buns, lathered with fluffy white frosting on top - you’ll quickly see why. The Bakehouse is also a very cute little cafe, with ample seating to bask in the incredible scents wafting out of the kitchen. Make it past the Bun to a full selection of treats, plus freshly baked bread.

Mo's Original

453 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse

529 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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