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Food, Drinks, Live Music & Theater From An Irish Immigrant NYC Nightlife Pro

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Moss Café is an industrial-chic coffee shop that serves kosher farm-to-table entrees and pastries. They are incredibly accommodating to anyone and everyone with dietary restrictions—be it kosher, vegan, gluten-free—they even have allergy-friendly options. It has quickly grown to be known as a community gem and safe haven for those in need of a safe meal or a great cup of coffee. To learn more about how this incredible place came to be, read more at their Kickstarter page.

Then, head to An Beal Bocht Café for drinks and entertainment. This place does it all—food, drinks, live music and theater. The owner, Richard, is an Irish immigrant who also owns Arlene's Grocery, the Scratcher and Le Cheile—so he clearly knows what he's doing. An Beal Bocht means "the poor mouth" in Gaelic. It's from a fictional memoir with the same name by Flann O’Brien, one of the greatest Irish-Language novels of the 20th Century. Check their calendar here for more awesome events like live music and beer tastings.

Moss Cafè

3260 Johnson Avenue, Bronx

An Beal Bocht Cafe

445 W 238th Street, Bronx

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Like what you see?

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