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Greenwich Village

If Making Mozzarella With Your Love in the Village Isn’t Your Idea of the Perfect Night Out, We’ll Help You Sort Out Your Priorities

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Some people think romance is cheesy. Tonight, they’d be right! Murray’s Cheese is hosting a cheese lover's dream, where you and your S.O. can buddy up to make your very own homemade mozzarella (and, yes, then eat it). Not only will you learn everything you need to know about the cheese fave, but you’ll also taste samples that are cento per cento perfecto, knock back endless supplies of wine and bubbly, and bring home your own cheesy bambino. Tickets are $100, but so worth it.

Once you’ve hit your year’s quota on cheese, head over to the Bar Next Door at La Lanterna di Vittorio. Here, you can keep the wine flowing, but in a decidedly more intimate setting. This romantic underground hideaway is dressed in brick and leather, and serves as a perfect stage for nightly jazz performances. (Just watch your elbows, as you’ll be sitting thisclose to the band in this cozy layout.) And if you’ve had enough wine, their spiked coffee selection is no joke, with standouts being Tennessee Mud, Mad Monk, and Nikki’s Coffee.

Mozzarella Making at Murray’s Cheese

254 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

Bar Next Door at La Lanterna di Vittorio

129 Macdougal Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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