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If You Love Food, You'll Love MOFAD—The Museum of Food and Drink

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MOFAD. Sounds like something you scream when impassioned or inebriated, but it actually stands for Museum of Food and Drink. Located on the edge of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, MOFAD is a new kind of museum that brings the world of food to life with exhibits you can taste, touch, and smell. They also operate MOFAD Lab, a 5,000-square-foot experimental space where Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant is currently on show. MOFAD hosts incredible events all year long — take a look at their calendar and mark yours for something special.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to learn about food and drinks, go get some at The Shanty. This cozy saloon in a distillery with exposed brick and machinery views keeps up with tonight's theme in throwing back to the past, just in a much more refined sort of way. Don't leave without taste testing the Dorothy Parker gin—it's citrusy and floral, the perfect pair to a heavy dinner.


Museum of Food & Drink, 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn

The Shanty

79 Richardson Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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