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West Village

Get Weird On This Wacky West Village Date

  • Drinks
  • Food

Take fun and games to the next level at the Museum of Illusions, an immersive experience involving optical trick and sensory illusions. Rotate around the room at 90 degrees, stand in an anti-gravity chamber and watch your worlds flip, or stare at your cute couple's reflection a million times over in the Infinity Room. Why the fuck not, ya know?

Follow up your museum visit with an upscale spread of inventive tacos at Taqueria Empellón. The punch and spice of authentic Mexican cuisine blend with a new age vibe to create options that play on staples. It's fun, it's playful, it's just like you two.

Museum of Illusions

77 8th Avenue, Manhattan

Taqueria Empellón

230 West 4th St, Manhattan

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Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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