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These Vegetarian Twists on Traditional Mediterranean Recipes Kick Ass

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Nish Nush is a vegetarian stronghold with bold takes on traditional Mediterranean family recipes. Quaint and small, you and your person can order a platter of falafel and hummus to split in peace and quiet. Accentuate your meal with a few small dishes, like Moroccan carrots or cauliflower topped with tahini, and you won’t be able to stop gorging on little bites of absolutely everything.

Keep with the easygoing vibes and gear up to enjoy the fun and games at Recreation, a coffee and coworking space by day, funky and spacious 80s themed bar at night. With a simple drink philosophy that turns basics like screwdrivers or gin and tonics into their best selves, the spunky room provides a place for its patrons to be carefree. Play Jenga or try your hand at a Pacman arcade game together.

Nish Nush

41 John Street, Manhattan


Moxy Downtown, 26 Ann Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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