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Little Italy

This 127-Year-Old Italian Bakery’s Still Got It (Just Try the TDF Lobster Tail Creme Puff)

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Start the evening out with dinner at Nyonya, a Malaysian restaurant known for its authentic takes on classic regional dishes like achat (a Malaysian pickled vegetable with tumeric, peanuts, sesame seed) or roti canai (crispy pancakes). The restaurant boasts a massive menu, which makes it great for sampling lots of picks then sharing them with your sweetie.

For dessert, head to New York classic, Ferrara Bakery, which has been serving Manhattanites delicious Italian pastries since before 1892. Choose from cannolis, gelato, cookies, and cream puffs, which you can enjoy in Ferrara’s dining area while you sip on coffee or Italian digestifs. (If you simply can't choose, we believe the lobster tail pastry filled with creme is a must-try.)


199 Grand Street, Manhattan

Ferrara Bakery

195 Grand Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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