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Brooklyn Heights

Join This Free Running Club Together (Dogs Are Welcome!)

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Been looking for a reason to finally try running outdoors in this great big city? We have the perfect solution. Meet the New York Road Runners Open Run Club! If you and your partner are the type of couple that needs a little motivation to hit the pavement instead of the bar, this is just the club for you. Runners of all levels (including dogs, if on a leash) are invited to join in, every Tuesday. To participate, find your park and run times here.

If you choose to run by Pier 6, head to Iron Chef House for dinner. It's just a few (brownstone filled & picturesque) blocks away from Brooklyn Bridge, and a local neighborhood staple—read: secret—in the Brooklyn Heights community. Owned and run by “John” a classically trained Japanese sushi chef, you can expect high-grade sushi, plus a few inventive Japanese dishes, all of which are very generous portions for a fraction of the price you’d expect at this level of quality. A dimly-lit, wood-filled little den, reminiscent of the Izakaya style bars you’d find in Japan, Iron Chef is one to impress your S.O., any night of the week without breaking the bank.

NYRR Open Run at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pier 6, Brooklyn

Iron Chef House

92 Clark Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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