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West Village

The Duplex Is The Most Lively LGBTQIA+ Bar & Cabaret Theater In New York

  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Music

Ofrenda is somehow always completely full, but always able to squeeze in just two more. Here's to hoping that's you guys tonight. The energy is loud and fun (come here with a date you don't mind yelling across the table to), the margaritas are in our top five of New York, and the guacamole and chips are "order two bowls" good.

After dinner, head over to The Duplex for some drinks, live music, and cabaret theater. Located right next to the Stonewall Inn, this LGBTQIA+-friendly bar is as classy and vintage as it is lively. Drag queens wander the floors (downstairs and upstairs), the piano is available for “open mic” sessions, and the vibe is a wild blend of old-school aesthetics and modern sensibilities. Just be sure to head upstairs later on to enjoy “the smallest stage in the West Village” once the night’s energy picks up.


113 7th Avenue South, Manhattan

The Duplex Piano Bar and Cabaret Theater

61 Christopher Street, Manhattan

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