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East Village

Choose From More Than 80 Options at this Sake Bar After Korean Food

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Oiji is a Korean restaurant in the East Village that won't leave you penniless like Jungsik, but it will offer up a similar fine dining experience. There are only two dishes over $20, and all are shareable. It's an experience, too—just try ordering the smoked mackerel, where you'll be tasked to brush a soy sauce on it with a tiny pine needle broom. Or you can just go with the fried chicken, which is also fantastic. The honey-buttered chips are kind of famous, so start with them. Drink-wise, they make Soju, a Korean alcohol. Order the one they make in-house with pomegranate vinegar.

After dinner, you're in for another "only in New York" experience (well, unless you're in Tokyo). Have you ever been to a bar entirely dedicated to sake? If you haven't, you must try Decibel. It's an underground, graffiti'd, red-lit bar that instantly feels unique. You'll have the choice between over 80 rice wines that fit every price point and are warmed or chilled to their ideal state. Shoot 'em back or sip them in martini glasses. It's your night.


119 1st Avenue, Manhattan


240 E 9th Street, Manhattan

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