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Try Kyoto-Style Sushi at OKOZUSHI in Williamsburg

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Inspired by Kyoto-style sushi (which is typically made up of cured fish, rice, kombu, and no soy sauce, thank you very much), OKOZUSHI is a small restaurant in Williamsburg that is dressed from head-to-toe in raw, natural wood (from its floor and ceilings to its chairs and tables). The simple design highlights their limited menu of hakozushi (pressed or “box” sushi), temari (balls of sushi with layered toppings), and temaki (cone-liked, hand-rolled sushi), which are served on colored clay plates. Depending on your appetite, $25, $35, and $45 options are offered, and every meal is served with fish broth and pickles. For the full OKOZUSHI experience, order a kettle of their Fukuoka-based Konacha green tea.

After dinner, grab some meticulously crafted craft cocktails at Basik. With an overall rustic and sophisticated aesthetic, this inviting pub highlights the idea of going “back to the basics” (hence its name), and the proof is in the details. Whether you kick back outside in their garden patio or inside, amid copper pendant lights, reclaimed shiplap wood walls, and even the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, comfort isn’t hard to come by here. And once you try one of their craft cocktails—like their rye-based Sleight of Hand (with apple honey, and chai) or their gin-based Mama Bear (with grape, lemon, and basil)—you’ll already be craving seconds.


376 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn


 323 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

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