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We Found Kyoto-Style Sushi In Soho At This Low Key Japanese Eatery

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At Omen Azen, a low key Japanese Soho eatery, you must go for the raw things. This spot specializes in Kyoto-style sushi (that means it uses cured fish) that puts a serious amount of focus on presentation. And, if you want to live large, they offer two different tasting menus, ranging between $89.50 and $99.50 per person, that includes the majestic cauliflower tofu with strawberry caviar sauce. If you want a traditional Japanese atmosphere with some elevated decadence on your plate, check this place out.

After dinner, get a non-alcoholic buzz at Ground Support Coffee, a laid-back coffee house in SoHo with a communal setting. Leaning on its hipster vibes, Ground Support is decked out in weathered picnic tables, local photography, and a huge skylight.

Omen Azen

113 Thompson Street, Manhattan

Ground Support Cafe

399 West Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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