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Ditch the Gimmicks with These Trusted Classics

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New York City restaurants are always trying to draw in customers with the latest trends and gimmicks, but o:n° rejects that to center around its high-quality hot pot dishes. Everything about the restaurant seems minimalist—from the name to the oak and concrete interior, even expanding to their spartan online presence. The drink list includes a small but well-selected collection of wines and beers but also features cocktails with ingredients you might normally have in tea: jasmine, earl grey, genmai, and chai. Though they serve a few appetizers and small plates, their main focus is hot pot. Every table is equipped with an induction cooker where you’ll prepare (with assistance from the staff) warm and inviting bowls of seasoned rice, fresh vegetables, high-quality protein, and noodles.

After an early dinner at o:n°, head over to Lady M Cake Boutique for an equally decadent yet simple dessert. Lady M takes the minimalist vibe in another direction with all white walls, counters, and chairs that seem designed to activate an icing craving. Luckily, they have plenty of icing atop their exquisite cake selection. They’re known for their crepe cakes, with the green tea and pistachio flavors coming highly recommended, but all their selections, from chocolate to cheesecake, have neat, clean layers that would make Paul Hollywood proud.


110 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

Lady M Cake Boutique

1178 Broadway, Manhattan

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