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Morningside Heights

You Can't Go Wrong with This Cozy Pasta and Espresso Combo in Morningside Heights

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Translated as “garden and sea,” the atmosphere and cuisine at the Upper West Side Italian restaurant Ortomare betrays a dedication to evoking the fresh, natural smells and tastes of a blooming garden as well as the salty, savory sense of the sea. Specializing in wood-fired brick oven pizzas and homemade Italian pastas, the authenticity of Italy comes first here. With eight different types of pastas ranging from spinach and ricotta ravioli in a buttercream sauce to homemade gnocchi with buffalo mozzarella, you know they’re going to have your classic all-time favorite here. If pasta’s not what you’re feeling, go for the Quattro Stagioni pizza (tomato, mozzarella, artichoke, ham, olives, mushrooms) or their Pollo alla Parmigiana, knowing that either way, your stomach will sit satisfied with the hearty, homestyle cooking.

When you’ve wrapped up your lovely Italian meal, take the scenic stroll overlooking Morningside Park a block over to lively little Cafe Amrita, a low-key spot serving coffee and drinks till midnight. Dimly lit and cozy, it’s got just the mellow vibes that make for a great place to relax and let the meal you just had sink in with a quick, strong shot of espresso, a couple of beers, or a classic gin martini.


994 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan

Cafe Amrita

301 West 110th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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