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Book Lovers Need To Go On This Oscar Wilde-Themed Date Night in Nomad

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Couples that read together, stay together. There's nothing like being in two completely different worlds, while still right next to each other. For the bookworm lovers out there, you can't miss the Oscar Wilde-themed bar and restaurant in Nomad. Not only is it crazy luxe with stained glass windows and Victorian-era furniture and decor, it also happens to be located inside the former headquarters of New York City's Bureau of Prohibition (history buffs rejoice). The marble bar alone is worth going to see — at 118.5 feet long, it's the longest continuous bar in New York City. From the Belgium piano from the 1890’s to the glasses you’re sure must be the same ones they drank out of during Prohibition, conversation is bound to be stimulated everywhere you look.

And after a drink or two here, we recommend swinging by the Rizzoli Bookstore nearby and picking up two classics you've both been meaning to read. Then switch. Hailed as “the most beautiful bookstore in New York” and for good reason, Rizzoli’s in Nomad has towering bookshelves, delicately painted sky-themed murals and chandeliers. Keep an eye on their events calendar. They often host big-named authors for their book launches.

Oscar Wilde

45 W 27th Street, Manhattan

Rizzoli Bookstore

1133 Broadway, Manhattan

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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