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Hamilton Heights

Sophistication and Caffeination Are the Goals at this Mexican Spot and Cafe in Hamilton Heights

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Sophistication is all about simplicity, and Oso is well aware. With muted tones that expand from their textured cement walls, a sleek black tile bar, and vibrant accents highlighted by a multicolored Calaca mural (doubling as a stage for live music on some nights), this Mexican restaurant is all about earthy influence combed through with unexpected flavor. Speaking of flavor, Oso’s menu speaks for itself with taco dishes that include braised beef tongue, spit-fired pork, and grilled cactus leaves and a drink called La Limonada that puts all other lemonades to shame.

Next, make your way to Cafe One for a completely different dining experience. Shake off the classiness for caffeination, and cozy up over some delicious post-meal goodness. On the surface, this low-key cafe may not seem like much, but there are some hidden gems, like their collection of macarons (trust us and go all-in on the pistachios and passion fruits), the triple truffle cappuccino, and the red velvet brownies. If you’re lucky, you may even get to hear live music courtesy of some local CCNY students.


1618 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

Cafe One

1619 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

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