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Drink Beer In A Brewery Before Record Shopping In Gowanus

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A brewery and tasting room built by friends who wanted to "create beers they wanted to drink, from a company they wanted to be a part of”. As it turns out, they weren't alone in their mission. You might fall in love with Other Half Brewing by the overt branding and designs on their cans, and if not, you’ll definitely fall in love with their beer. A team dedicated to innovating the craft beer industry, they partner with other like-minded brewers and brands across the country and the world, but always make sure the beer comes home, to their tap room in Brooklyn—luckily for us. The tap room is literally a tasting room directly off the brewery and is always humming from the chatter and buzz of beer. What’s not to like?

Take that beer buzz, and wander over to Almost Ready Records to sift your way through an epic collection of folk, psyche, garage, punk, indie, hip-hop or rock vinyl from around the world. It’s hard not to spend a few hours in this store, reminiscing over era after era—Cher, Prince, The Doors, maybe some Springsteen or Bowie? With its hand-painted window signage, natural lighting and easy-to-navigate layout Almost Ready is a refreshing change from the dark and usually dusty record stores and makes for an exceedingly inviting experience.

Other Half Brewing

195 Centre Street, Brooklyn

Almost Ready Records

135 Huntington Street, Brooklyn

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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