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Hell's Kitchen

This Waterfront Mediterranean Oasis in Hell’s Kitchen Is the Next Best Thing to Being in the Hamptons

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If you can't quite afford a weekend out "east," Ousia is the next best place to be. This waterfront Mediterranean oasis houses fresh seafood and flavorful meat dishes, each plated in a way to make you feel like yacht-chartering, Sperry-wearing royalty. Still, the colorful décor remains approachable, so when you peek up from your sautéed broccoli rabe, you won't feel too bougie about your choices.

Next, head over to the local craft beer bar and continue enjoying your life As Is! Currently, this vibey joint boasts 17 unique beers on tap, all ranging in flavor, hops, and ABV percentages. The dimly lit atmosphere serves as a great setting to form a healthy buzz, and nothing sparks a midnight romance like sipping on something new together, are we right? (We always are.)


629 W 57th Street, Manhattan

As Is

734 10th Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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