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Clinton Hill

Mix Fun and Familiar with Coffeehouse Comforts Before Nigerian Snails and Goat Head

  • Coffee
  • Food

Sometimes the best dates are the most laid-back, so enjoy some casual conversation over coffee and coziness at Outpost. Their menu doesn’t necessarily reinvent the coffeehouse wheel, but that’s not to say that their speciality coffee drinks aren’t reason enough to swing by the spot. If you really want to add a spark to this date, go all-in on The Classon (vanilla cream + 4 shots of espresso); or if you’d rather embrace the dark side, order The Gates (dark chocolate Irish cream + 2 shots of espresso).

Now that you’ve got your caffeine fix, sustain that energy at Buka, Clinton Hill’s candlelit Nigerian restaurant. The space is cozy, the food’s authentic, and the vibe is casual. Just keep in mind that your taste buds are stepping out of their comfort zone; goat pepper soup, large West African land snails, and cornmeal fufu may not sound like the traditional cooking you’re used to, but getting out of your comfort zone will definitely do this date night justice. If you really can handle a new experience, Isiewu (a.k.a. a goat head cooked in Igbo spices) isn’t as scary as it sounds, and deserves a try.


1014 Fulton Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Buka Nigerian Restaurant

946 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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