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Set Your Sights on Fusion Dumplings and Experimental Art in Bushwick

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If you’re looking for dumplings in Brooklyn (and if you’re not, you need to start making it a priority), check out OZI in Bushwick. Since dumplings are their specialty, the attention to detail deserves a standing ovation. In terms of visuals and—of course—flavors, OZI owns the Brooklyn dumpling market, making this a must for any couples craving some deep-fried deliciousness. If you’re all about fusion, they have a cheeseburger dumpling, a buffalo chicken dumpling, and a Nutella dumpling

Once the two of you have gotten your dumpling fix, head a few blocks over to Elsewhere. This warehouse-turned-music venue is all about experimental everything. Whether it's their visually daring art exhibitions or record release parties, Elsewhere proves that Bushwick has its finger on Brooklyn’s creative pulse.


19 Bogart Street, Brooklyn


599 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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