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Lower East Side

Throw ‘Em Back at This Lower East Side Bar That’s Heavy on the Southern Charm—in the Best Way

  • Dance
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Music

If you’re craving sushi with a creative twist, Pado is the place to go. This sushi bar has a modern feel with dark wood, clean lines, and hit music that pairs with dim ambient lighting to give an upbeat yet romantic vibe. Purists can enjoy the omakase, but if your date is feeling adventurous, dive into truffled hamachi, the Angry Shrimp roll, or the Playabada, which comes to your table wrapped in flaming tin foil. Just don’t try to douse the flames with your Green Tea IPA—there are much better uses for that.

Then, hop across the street to Juke Bar for live music, cocktails, and dancing. This underground joint boasts funky art, comfy booths, and mason jar cocktails for a perfect blend of North and South. The drinks are strong, so go easy on Miss Sophia—that’s a drink, not a bartender, FYI—and plan rounds with your date to maximize the number of citrusy bourbon delights you can try. If drinking leads to dancing and dancing leads to late-night munchies, don’t worry—they’re pro Seamless here. Come back on the weekend—every Sunday night they have live jazz with no cover.


199 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

Juke Bar

196 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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