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Washington Heights

Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot’s Is One of The Coolest Experiences You Can Have In New York

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  • Music

Does the thought of the impending work week have you and yours feeling the Sunday scaries? Ward off the Sunday blues with Jazz at Marjorie Eliot’s. For the last 23 years, Marjorie has welcomed old and new friends alike into her Washington Heights apartment for an afternoon of poetry reading, soulful song, and parlor jazz. Intimate, hospitable, and warm, the atmosphere is one of the best that New York has to offer. Marjorie’s Sunday concert series will make a Sunday believer out of you, and you’ll both leave feeling lighthearted and rejuvenated. Get there early for good seats—while showtime isn’t until 3:30 p.m., you’ll often see lines starting half an hour to an hour before. And though the event is free, make sure you bring cash for the tip jar as a thank you for both the music and the refreshments offered midway through the set.

Hilltop Park Alehouse is a short walk away and perfect for a burger and beer following this truly special experience. It's named for the historic 1903 ballpark that stood just a few blocks away and was the original home to the New York Yankees. "It's funny how the new things are the old things"—a quote by Rudyard Kipling that perfectly embodies the vibe behind this Heights bar.

Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot's

 555 Edgecombe Avenue, Apt#3F, Manhattan

Hilltop Park Alehouse

3821 Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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