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The Secret To Soul Food In Bed-Stuy

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The secret to soul food is a generous helping of both love and butter. Peaches Hot House, sister to Southern restaurant Peaches, has this figured out. Serving up sweet tea, bourbon cocktails, and locally-sourced ingredients, this Bed-Stuy offshoot of the original shines most when it works its magic on poultry. You don’t go to a dim sum restaurant for the fries, and just the same, you don’t come to Peaches Hot House without ordering the Hot House speciality, the Crispy Fried chicken. Served up regular, hot, or Nashville Style extra hot, you know this urban country cafe isn’t messing around when it comes to their crispy bird.

Once you’re done licking the last of the deep south off your fingers, make your way to Lovers Rock. Named after a style of reggae known for its romantic sound and lyrical stylings, this cocktail bar doubles as a dancehall that deals in strong drinks and Caribbean beats. Order your second rum punch at your own risk—both delicious and potent, it may be just what you and yours need to find your rhythm on the dance floor.

Peaches Hot House

415 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn

Lovers Rock

419 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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