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In The Mood For Peking Duck? Go To This Chinatown Restaurant

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  • Drinks
  • Food

At Peking Duck House, Peking duck is the main event. Sit in what looks like an old-fashioned banquet hall and watch your server carve up your fancy fowl atop the white tablecloth. Dinner options vary, starting with the Peking duck dinner ($38 per person) featuring a whole duck (duh), an appetizer, soup, entrée, and dessert. The minimum party size to indulge in family style is four people—so you might want to make this a double date.

If you want traditional Chinese desserts and appetizers, look no further than 46 Bakery. Try the mung bean cake featuring coconut milk or the vegetarian steam cake featuring broccoli, pumpkin and Chinese herbal powder. There's also a variety of items you can grab hot—like peanut dumplings.

Peking Duck House

28 Mott Street, Manhattan

46 Bakery

46 Mott Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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