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Snag the Snack of Champions After a Naughty Cocktail

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Peppi’s Cellar is a dimly-lit, sexy basement bar and the naughty little sister to Gran Tivoli, an Italian trattoria making the rounds on the New York restaurant heatmap. Gran Tivoli is the brainchild of Jason Scott, the creator of a few stellar Australian restaurants. Cocktails for both spaces have been curated by Australian mixologist and acclaimed Milk and Honey alumnus Dave “Fish” Fisher. Stay tuned for jazz nights in the cellar.

Champion Pizza does pizza of all kinds—grandma style, square, and, of course, the classic crunchy thin crust—all topped with carefully selected ingredients. Conveniently tucked away just steps from Peppi’s on Cleveland Place, Champion is the trusty friend you’re looking for as you drunkenly stumble home after one too many happy hour drinks. After you’ve filled yourself with the delights of Peppi’s stellar cocktail lineup, make your way over to the champion of pizzas, pull up a chair in what is actually a proper little restaurant (unusual for a slice joint), and sink your teeth into a fat, cheesy, ~oh-so-fulfilling~ pizza slice.

Peppi's Cellar

Basement, 406 Broome Street, Manhattan

Champion Pizza

17 Cleveland Place, Manhattan

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