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Go on an Adventure with this Underrated Food and an Adult Playground

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Something we think is super underrated in New York City: Greek food. If you didn't know (that's why we're here), there are tons of amazing Greek restaurants all over New York. Our recommendation tonight is Periyali in Flatiron. This established Greek spot is noted for its super high-quality cuisine and gorgeous atmosphere. We love the white-washed brick walls, red roses on every table, and simple greenery hanging along the wall moldings. Instant romance.

After dinner, we're turning up the fun. SLATE, the massive 16,000-square-foot adult playground, boasts three bowling lanes, a secret karaoke room, a BYOB (Be Your Own Bartender) pouring station with 20 adult beverages on tap, and a 20-foot slide to get partygoers from the top to ground floor without having to lift a foot. Yeah, your childhood dreams are now a reality. That's in addition to ping pong, pool tables, Skee-Ball, pinball, and an 8-player foosball table. Go play, you two!


35 West 20th Street, Manhattan


54 West 21st Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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