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West Village

Have Fun At Tiki-Themed Dive Bar Rusty Knot In The West Village

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Tonight is all about jumping between fancy and fun, and it kicks off at Perry St. Walking a very fine line between overt modernism and mid-century sophistication—from the stark white and cement accents to the all-glass facade—the upscale attention to detail at this restaurant extends all the way to the menu. With expertly crafted American cuisine, ranging from lobster thermidor to Anjou pear, the food here is like an edible art exhibit at the MET. And, yes, this insane craftsmanship extends all the way to the dessert menu, with the chocolate pudding (dressed in candied violets) being the showstopper.

After dinner, cue a change of pace at Rusty Knot. Stripped of all the fanciness at Perry St., this tiki bar is all about South Pacific vibes, from the bamboo bar to the retro murals depicting island life. It’s a themed dive bar that is absolutely worth your time. There’s a boar head on the wall, a fish tank to highlight all the nautical love, and a jukebox and pool table to meet the classic dive bar standards. That said, the go-to drink here is easily the Rusty Knot, an all-green frozen mojito with fresh mint.

Perry St.

176 Perry Street, Manhattan

Rusty Knot

425 West Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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