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West Village

Can You Find This Internationally Top-Rated Speakeasy In The West Village?

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Philip Marie is one of the more ~romantic~ spots in the city, so take your person and lean the fuck in! Start their Roasted Oysters before moving onto the delicately prepared mains. This will be a legit feast, so you want to dress and prepare accordingly.

Round out your fine American meal with some speakeasy secrecy at Employees Only, rated one of the best in the world. The railroad-themed Art Deco design is the kind that’s both surreal and immersive, so that guests truly feel like they’re part of something special. Whether it’s their ultra-famous version of a Manhattan or one of their more distinct drinks, the cocktails here are truly incredible.

Philip Marie

569 Hudson Street, Manhattan

Employees Only

510 Hudson Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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