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Upper East Side

Have A Gay Old Time At Brandy's Piano Bar After Pizza At PQR On The UES

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Angelo Iezzi (known in Rome as the official Associazione Pizzerie Italiane president) has just opened up a brand new pizzeria in the Upper East Side—so, naturally, you need to try it out. PQR is a “pizza-by-the-slice” hole-in-the-wall establishment, but don’t let the casual vibe throw you off. Iezzi introduces a unique approach to his pizza: fermenting the dough for 96 hours, with 80 percent hydration, extra virgin olive oil, and square slices (since he doesn’t cut corners). And new as this place may be, the Amatriciana is already a must-try, with potatoes, porchetta stuffing, and a bacon-based sauce traditionally used for pasta. Pizza slices range between $4.50 and $10 (but they’re worth every penny).

After you eat (unless you choose to enjoy your slice on the way), head over to Brandy’s Piano Bar. This 35-year-running saloon has a vintage vibe with a lively atmosphere, where performers take the stage every night and patrons are known to sing along. Visually, this place is hardly reinventing the wheel when it comes to tavern layouts and design, but the real charm here is in the social ambience. So cozy up with your S.O., knock back a few drinks, and maybe even join in if you know the words.


1631 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

Brandy’s Piano Bar

235 East 84th Street, Manhattan

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