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East Village

Art On The Stage And Art On Your Plate East Village Style

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The Public Theater is as it sounds, the nation's first nonprofit theater and has been in operation for 60 years. The Public is totally artist driven and offers an array of entertainment each day at several times. We bet you can find something you like from discussions, plays, singers, and podcasts. Tickets run anywhere from $20-$50 depending of course on where you sit and who's performing. The insider tip is that on select preview dates, free tickets can be accessed through TodayTix. There is a 2 drink or $12 food minimum but since you definitely want food at our next spot we suggest grabbing a glass of wine while you enjoy the show.

Once you’ve gotten some insight into the arts, experience some edible art at The Black Ant. This fusion of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine plates dishes as though they were pieces of art, but be warned: there are some unusual ingredients peppered into these meals. Basically, if you’re put off by the giant picture of ant staring you down during your meal, it’s nothing compared to the actual bugs served in (some of) these dishes. But come on — where’s your sense of adventure? The “chapulin” in “chapulin crusted shrimp” isn’t some fancy breading, but a type of grasshoppers. And now you know.

The Public Theater

425 Lafayette St, Manhattan

The Black Ant

60 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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