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If Mad Max and Star Wars Had A Love Child, It'd Be This Tech Noir Bar in Bushwick

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We bet you’re familiar with House of Yes, but did you know they are also the home to Bushwick’s first falafel cafe? If you didn’t know, now you do. At Queen of Falafel, Moroccan and Middle Eastern family recipes are served counter-side, and you’ll find staples like eggplant sabich, shakshuka, and hummus plates. Aside from the pita, everything is gluten-free. Try the mint Moroccan iced tea, and make sure to season your meal with one of their six sauces. Generous portions, reasonable prices, and delicious falafel means this place gets a resounding yes.

Now that you’re both sufficiently liquored up and loose, head to nearby cocktail spot Jupiter Disco. If Mad Max and Star Wars had a love child and that love child grew up into a sexy, tech noir DJ, it would be named Jupiter Disco. We love some of the novelty touches, like the large blocks of ice that the bartender chisels down with an ice pick, and the drink menus broadcast on the screens. With a killer sound system, dark and industrial vibes, and a closing time of 4 a.m., we predict you won’t want to leave this futuristic and boozy bunker.

Queen of Falafel

2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn  

Jupiter Disco

1237 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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