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Hell's Kitchen

Mama Knows Best! This Ethiopian Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen Exclusively Serves Up (Delicious) Family Recipes

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Whether it’s you or your date demanding to be treated like a queen tonight, you’ll both be happy with the quality at Queen of Sheba. This underrated spot serves up Ethiopian food cooked straight from family recipes, so you know it’s as authentic as it is genuinely spicy. The decor is African-inspired, with alternating brick and yellow walls, colorful art, and intricately designed chairs. With an emphasis on healthy or fully vegetarian dishes, they have a number of delicious stews that you can sop up with the homemade injera bread—including a combo platter that’s fit for two.

If you can’t decide between seeing classic acting and screwball improv, then Gravid Water is your next stop. This UCB staple show pairs actors dedicated to the script they’ve learned—think everything from Greek tragedies to Tennessee Williams—with improvisers who will throw anything and everything out there and somehow make it work. The lineup for this show is absolutely star-studded, with talent from Broadway, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Transparent, Broad City, and more, all for under 10 smackaroos.

Queen of Sheba

650 10th Avenue, Manhattan

Gravid Water

555 West 42nd Street, Manhattan

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