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East Village

This East Village Restaurant Is A Cheese Lover's Dream

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If you’re the type of couple that’s named your cats Muenster and Gouda and have seriously discussed having a cheese wheel in lieu of a cake at your impending wedding, it’s time for you to try Raclette. Here, you’ll get your food served along with a heaping portion of melted cheese, shaved right off the wheel tableside while you watch. Ultra hungry? Splurge on the New York Raclette for two. It’s a 12-oz filet mignon, accompanied by mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes and cheese, all for $56. With everything from burgers to skirt steak to potatoes, Raclette proves almost anything can be made better with a gooey hunk of Swiss.

Next, head to the The Garret, a cocktail bar serving seasonal drinks, wine and beer. This Alphabet City spinoff of the speakeasy above a West Village Five Guys is cozier and more inspired than the numerous dive bars peppering the area, making this a great spot for a classy, romantic after-dinner drink. Or, consider coming back sometime to try The Garret’s dinner experience, Borrachito, a 20-person restaurant discreetly tucked away in the back of the space serving dishes like scallops, octopus poke and braised short ribs.


511 East 12th Street, Manhattan

The Garret

206 Avenue A, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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