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German Beer Halls & Late Night Movies In Williamsburg

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  • Film
  • Food
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  • Outdoors

Eat, drink and have an all around good time at Radegast, Brooklyn’s first authentic biergarten. Enjoy some live music (for free) and grab a few pints. The servers here know what’s up. Tell them what flavors you like (fruity, nutty, etc.) and they will recommend a unique beer to change up your usual. Be sure to try their famous currywurst on a pretzel bun and dance (or drink) the night away.

After dancing your heart out, you’ll be ready to sit down and relax at The Nitehawk. With a romantic vibe and menu that includes dinner and drinks related to each film, you can sip on one of their signature cocktails, in between squeezing your partner with one hand and covering your eyes with the other (if you go for one of their signature late night scary flicks). P.s., be sure to buy tickets in advance, because tickets tend to sell out.


113 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn


136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Like what you see?

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