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An Experimental Ramen Lab & An Old-School Cafe Society

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The next time you crave real good noodles, do dinner at Ramen Lab—a new and experimental Japanese ramen bar. This is both the umami gateway for novices and a ramen aficionado’s dream—part test kitchen, creative lab, and tasting room, Ramen Lab’s menu is constantly changing as it seeks to showcase different regional ramen styles. While dishes change, the five elements of ramen appeal—aroma, topping, broth, tare, and noodles—are ever present, ensuring you’ll enjoy every slurp and sip of ramen.

Come to Cafetal Social Club pre-date, post-date, or just for your date. Whether you feel like coffee, ice cream, Italian food or whatever else, something about this place feels like home. From the staff to the regulars, everyone feels peaceful here. Originally opened in the late 1940’s, Cafetal Social Club was used as a meeting place for G.I.s returning home from World War II to socialize, play cards and drink espresso. And it still feels like that. Listen to Jordan and Nick sipping their coffee below.

Cafetal Social Club

285 Mott Street, Manhattan

Ramen Lab

70 Kenmare Street, Manhattan

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