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Red Hook

Indulge In A Prime Meat Feast Before Artisanal Gelato in Red Hook

  • Dessert
  • Food

The mastermind behind the Red Hook Tavern, (also Hometown Bar-B-Que owner) Billy Durney, knows a thing or two about good food, and good meat. Trending menu items include favorites from Billy’s top-rated New York spots — like the burger from Peter Luger, natural wine from Four Horsemen, and light and dark ale options from McSorley’s. But it’s not just the meat you’ll come for, with a variety of other comforting and indulgent dishes and a very well-curated cocktail list. The Tavern is welcoming, with reclaimed wood, vintage tiled ceiling and an original “Liquor Store” sign out front, bar seating or petite bisto tables and chairs.

A case of good things coming in small packages, Dolce is a small shopfront in Red Hook serves up some of the best artisanal ice cream scoops around. The smooth consistency and the perfect “not too sweet” flavor make them a crowd favorite (but still not packed, because - Red Hook). Expect unique flavors like Bourbon Chocolate, in partnership with local distillery Van Brunt Stillhouse, or Olive Oil and some seasonal limited menu items too. Handcrafted in Red Hook, using the freshest ingredients and milk delivered directly from the Hudson Valley. Gluten-free, except where marked. Could you imagine a more perfect end to date night?

Red Hook Tavern

 329 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Dolce Brooklyn

305 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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