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Lower East Side

Shopping & French Fries on Broome Street

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Start tonight off at Richardson Shop, a Compact Richardson Magazine boutique that sells streetwear, accessories and vintage books. We don't often start dates with shopping, but this place feels special enough to break the norm. From the sexy letterman bombers to the "multipurpose" restraint belts, we're sure you'll find something that starts tonight off with a bang.

For couples who’ve long been in pursuit of the perfect French fry, 375° Chicken 'n Fries might be the ultimate haven. Three times cooked means you’ll get the perfect flavor of crispy, oily goodness, which you can enjoy naked or with one of the spot’s many frite sauces. Try jalapeno-cilantro ranch or white truffle mayo, or get your fries straight-up loaded with nacho toppings or banh mi ingredients. P.s., keep an eye on Thrice’s Instagram for info on secret menu items.

Richardson Shop

325 Broome Street, Manhattan

375° Chicken 'n Fries

124 Ludlow Street, Manhattan

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